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The power of data finally gets personal

Be the hero and set your records free with CareSync's handy tools and hassle-free health history and appointment services

Winning with CareSync!
Winning with CareSync!
CareSync included on 20 companies to watch in the new wave of data-driven healthcare
Winning with CareSync!
Winning with CareSync!
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CareSync Plus users avoided duplicate tests.
1 in 3 CareSync Plus users found an error in their medical records
CareSync Plus helped them remember follow-up items after appointments
CareSync Plus users were more engaged & less likely to be behind

Get started in 3 minutes (no super powers required)

Request Records

Select providers from our national database, sign a digital HIPAA form, and we’ll do the rest!

Add Family

Invite family and care team members…then visit Sharing Settings to fine-tune their access.

Plan Visits

Add tasks, questions for your doctor, and any notes for upcoming appointments.


Caregivers and providers are especially interested in Visit Plans, Current Summary, and Timeline.

Super Flexible Options

CareSync App


Includes web and mobile access, visit planning tools, and the ability to create your own Care Reports

Feel like doing it yourself?

  • Create & plan your own appointments
  • Scan & summarize your own records, and share with your care team and providers

Make & plan your own appointments

Single visit records with summaries available at just $10 per visit

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Health History Report

$99 one time

Get your entire health history in a useful timeline:

  • Every visit is recreated with dates, medications, conditions, and more
  • Includes a meaningful summary of each visit
  • A copy of every medical record is stored

The Health History Report can be filtered and shared, and it's yours forever!

A two month trial of CareSync Plus is included at no extra charge

Health History

CareSync Plus

$19 per month

Includes the Health History Report at no extra cost

Ongoing concierge-style services to schedule all of your appointments, create them in CareSync, and get the records after every visit

Want to save more?

  • Select the $199 Annual Plan at checkout and save!
  • With CareSync Plus, your family members can be added at 50% off!

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The Health History report is an important step for everyone to take. Just like you check your credit report and bank statements, you should also check your medical history for errors and understanding. Most doctors only keep records for 7 years, so get yours today!